What Are Your Range Rover Warning Lights Telling You?

ABS light. Car dashboard in closeup

Is one of your Range Rover dashboard symbols glowing or flashing? Range Rover dashboard warning lights are essential to understand, as they help you and your Land Rover stay safe on drives through Englewood and beyond! That’s why Land Rover Englewood brings you this helpful guide to the most common Range Rover dashboard symbols. If you still have concerns, contact our service team.

Understanding Your Range Rover Warning Lights

The most important thing to know about your Range Rover dashboard symbols is that the color of your Range Rover warning light generally indicates the severity of the problem:

  • Red light: Indicates an emergency. Pull over as soon as you possibly can in a safe location.
  • Yellow light: Means you need to visit the service center at Land Rover Englewood. Don’t delay taking action when you see one of these Range Rover warning messages. Acting quickly can help you avoid more costly repairs.
  • Green light: Means that one of your Land Rover features is currently active. A green Range Rover dashboard symbol is nothing to worry about.

Don’t risk permanent damage to your vehicle by ignoring warnings. In the event that you can’t make it to a service center, reach out to Land Rover Roadside Assistance.

Common Land Rover Dashboard Warning Lights

No matter what kind of Land Rover SUV you drive, you’re likely to come into contact with the same variety of warning lights. Jersey City Land Rover drivers should all get to know these Range Rover dashboard symbols:

  • Battery: If you see a red battery warning light, and it stays on after your Land Rover has been started, your vehicle’s battery may not be charging correctly.
  • Brakes: The red brake warning light indicates that your brake fluid is low. If it stays on even after more fluid is added, there could be a more serious issue. If you see a yellow brake warning light, it’s probably trying to tell you that your brake pads are worn down and need to be replaced.
  • Engine: Various Range Rover warning lights indicate potential issues with your engine. The red engine temperature warning light could mean your powertrain is overheating, while the red low oil pressure warning means you need to check engine oil levels and top it off necessary. A yellow Range Rover engine warning light indicates issues with your emissions.
  • Safety alerts: If your Land Rover is equipped with safety systems like Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Alert, or Hill Descent Control, a green light will appear on your dashboard to show they’re activated.
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid: A warning will appear in your dashboard message center if your diesel exhaust fluid has fallen below its recommended level.
  • Tires: If your tire pressure is low on your drives around Fort Lee, your tire pressure monitoring system will activate. Pull over immediately to inflate your tires to the correct PSI, or get new tires as soon as possible. If the light is red, one or more of your tires may have rapidly deflated.

Land Rover Englewood is Always At Your Service

If any of these Range Rover dashboard warning lights are on, schedule a service appointment with the service center at Land Rover Englewood. We are conveniently located near New York City and can handle any maintenance issue, from simple transmission oil changes to serious collision repairs. Let us know how we can help. Contact us today!

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