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So, you’ve been leasing a Land Rover and your contract is coming to an end. You’re bound to have more than a few questions on your mind. Our guide to Land Rover lease returns can help you prepare your vehicle for its return, learn about your options, or even answer questions like, “What is a lease buyout?” By the time you drive into our Land Rover lease return center in Englewood, NJ, you’ll be well-prepared for whatever comes next.

Land Rover End-of-Lease Options

If you’re almost through with your current Land Rover lease, you’ll have four basic options for how to proceed:

  1. Return your current Land Rover and lease or finance a new vehicle.
  2. Purchase your current Land Rover by buying out your lease.
  3. Turn in your vehicle and take care of any remaining fees.

Now, let’s take a closer look at your Land Rover lease-end options to find out what each entails.

How to Prepare for Your Land Rover Lease Return

If you’re planning to turn in your current vehicle, review the brand’s end-of-lease checklist carefully. Here’s what you’ll need to keep in mind:

  1. Schedule your complimentary pre-inspection at least 30-45 days before you need to turn in the vehicle.
  2. Pre-inspection is completed by the independent service provider AutoVin. The inspection details wear and tear on your vehicle so you can prepare for any lease-end charges.
  3. Excess wear and use may include, but is not limited to:
    1. Holes, tears, burns, stains, or strong odors
    2. Scratches, chips, dents, pits, rust, holes or cracks in exterior surfaces
    3. Cracked or damaged windows, antennae, or exterior trim
    4. Damage to the vehicle’s frame or alignment
    5. Damage due to poor quality or incomplete repairs
    6. Tire treads of less than ⅛ of an inch in depth at their lowest point
    7. Missing manuals, keys, or associated devices
    8. Mileage in excess of your leasing contract
  4. Take care of issues ahead of time to avoid excess charges, which will otherwise be based on your pre-inspection.
  5. Complete your odometer statement and your lease turn-in form within one business day of your Land Rover lease return.
  6. Prepare your vehicle for return by taking the following steps:
    1. Remove all of your personal items and put the owner’s manual in the glove box.
    2. Clear any personal information from the vehicle’s systems.
    3. Turn in all sets of keys, along with any and all manuals or accessories that came with your vehicle.
    4. Ensure that all tires match, and are of comparable quality to, the original equipment.
  7. Bring the vehicle to Land Rover Englewood and take your next steps.
  8. In normal situations, final billing will take place 30 to 60 days after you return your vehicle.

All this must take place whether you are or are not planning to lease a new Land Rover vehicle. Here’s how your next steps may differ:

  • If you are simply returning your vehicle, you should be good to go. As soon as you take care of any remaining fees, your job is done.
  • If you’re planning to start a new Land Rover lease, sign into your Auto Portal to review loyalty offers. Contact the dealership in advance to ensure that your new vehicle will be ready to drive home on the day of your Land Rover lease return.

Are you interested in extending your lease? A one-time, six-month extension may be available to qualifying Fort Lee and New York City drivers who have stayed up-to-date on their payments. Make a request through the Secure Message Center on, or contact our financing team for more details.

How Does a Lease Buyout Work?

Maybe you’ve fallen in love with your current Land Rover vehicle. Perhaps your lease-end inspection has revealed a great deal of excess wear and tear, and you’re hoping to avoid significant charges. Either way, buying out your vehicle may be the best option available! Here’s how a lease buyout works in either circumstance:

Purchasing Your Current Land Rover

Purchasing a leased Land Rover is generally easy and straightforward. As long as you understand the lease buyout definition, there shouldn’t be any surprises:

  1. The lease-end buyout price is usually agreed upon at the start of your leasing term.
  2. Review any loyalty offers and make sure that your current vehicle is really the best option.
  3. Submit your request through’s Secure Message Center or contact us for more information.

Early Lease Buyouts

Early car lease buyouts usually require termination fees, so this option is only really a good idea if you need to avoid even more significant charges for excess wear and tear. The price of this option is determined by the amount of value left on the leasing contract and the agreed-upon lease-end buyout price in your contract, along with any remaining fees.

Land Rover Lease Returns Made Easy

Our financing team is here to assist with whatever your next steps entail! Whether you need to apply for financing or choose the perfect vehicle for your needs, we’re ready to help you get back on the Jersey City roads in no time.

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