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Does the Check Engine Light Turn Off Automatically After a Repair?

check engine light on

Will your check engine light turn off by itself? In most cases, successfully repairing the issue that caused your light to come on will cause the check engine light to turn off automatically—but only after 10 to 20 “cycles”. A cycle, in this instance, refers to the process of turning the vehicle on, running it for some time, and turning it off again. If you want to be sure that the issue has been fixed, it’s easier and quicker to reset your check engine light manually with an OBD2 scanner. If the light returns after a short time, the original issue has not yet been resolved.

How to Reset a Check Engine Light Manually

Driving your vehicle through Jersey City or Fort Lee might be all it takes to reset your check engine light after a repair—but it won’t necessarily work that way for every vehicle. Moreover, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive, waiting for the light to go off on its own is never the best way to check your work.

Our service team always resets the light manually when the problem is solved, and if you pick up an OBD2 scanner from our parts department, it’s easy to reset your check engine light manually at home:

  1. Connect your OBD2 scanner to the port that can usually be found beneath the steering wheel. If you’re not sure where to look or what to look for, check your owner’s manual.
  2. Turn the vehicle on, wait a few moments, and press the “Read” button on your scanner.
  3. All active issues will display as codes on your scanner. You can decipher these codes with your vehicle’s owner’s manual.
  4. When you’re sure that the problem has been resolved, hit the Erase or Clear button to remove the code and reset your check engine light.

If you don’t have a scanner on hand, you may be able to reset a check engine light by disconnecting the negative battery cable. Just be advised that this may reset all of the electronic systems in your vehicle.

If your light returns after you’ve performed a manual reset, it means that the offending issue has still not been corrected.

What to Do if Your Check Engine Light Turned Off By Itself

Your check engine light will never appear without a cause—but fixing the issue might be as simple as checking the gas cap or replacing your oxygen sensor. With that said, if your check engine light has simply turned off by itself, you can expect it to return before too long

If your check engine light comes on occasionally and seems to disappear just as quickly, schedule service at the earliest opportunity. A blinking check engine light generally indicates the most severe issues, but a light that comes on occasionally may also denote significant problems.

Learn More About Vehicle Care & Maintenance With Land Rover Englewood 

So, does the check engine light turn off automatically after a repair? Yes—but only if you’re willing to wait. For the best results, you should allow our service team to reset the light or use a scanner to reset your light manually at home. Eager to tackle more DIY service tasks with your new scanner? Start exploring our service tips and tricks from your home in Englewood or New York City!


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