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How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?

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We’ve all been there — driving on the Jersey City roads and experiencing a flat tire. Of course, you will take care of the situation and change the tire, swapping the flat for a spare. But what happens next? How long can you drive on a spare tire? Ultimately, the distance you can drive with a spare depends on the type of spare tire you have. Learn about the different types of spare tires and how quickly you should get a replacement with Land Rover Englewood. Then, make an appointment at our service center for your tire replacement.



How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire: Space-Saver Spare

Are you wondering, “How long can I drive on a spare?” If so, then you’ll want to check what type of spare tire you have in your trunk or already installed on your vehicle. Generally, if the spare tire is smaller than your normal tires, then you have a space-saver spare, also known as a “donut” spare. Most new vehicles have a space-saver spare, and there are a few restrictions to note. These include:

  • Do not drive with a space-saver spare tire faster than 50 mph.
  • Do not drive for more than 70 miles with a space-saver spare tire.
  • Remember that a space-saver spare tire offers less traction.

How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire: Full-Size Spare

Full-size spare tires are less common, but they may be found with new trucks and SUVs. You can drive farther distances with a full-size spare tire and also experience greater traction. Even so, it’s still important to get a replacement tire as soon as possible.

What Is a Run-Flat Tire?

Curious about run-flat tires? They maintain pressure even after a puncture, so you don’t need to pull off the road immediately to swap one out for a spare should a puncture occur. These tires can be installed on your vehicle for daily driving in New York City. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Run-flat tires can maintain pressure for about 50 miles after a puncture.
  • They typically cost more than a set of standard tires.
  • As compared with space-saver or full-size spare tires, run-flat tires are certainly tougher.

Again, it’s still necessary to replace a punctured tire, even with run-flat tires. If your tire pressure monitoring system shows your tire pressure is low, then you must inspect your tires and bring your car in for tire repair or replacement.

Seek More Tire Care Advice From Land Rover Englewood

Land Rover Englewood serves as your resource for all service-related questions, including: “How long can you drive on a spare tire?” Contact our team if you have any more questions, and don’t hesitate to stop by our dealership near Fort Lee for service.


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