How to Check Coolant Levels

car coolant service in engine

Are you wondering “what is coolant?” or “how to check coolant?” Coolant is a fluid that transfers heat while regulating the temperature of the engine block and parts. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a newor used Land Rover vehicle on the roads in Fort Lee, engine coolant is essential. Engine coolant contains an additive that makes sure it doesn’t freeze below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or overheat above 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Learn more about how to check coolant levels and when to change it with the service experts at Land Rover Englewood.

What to Look for When Inspecting the Coolant

You won’t have to open the radiator cap to check the coolant level. Check the markings on the side of the reservoir. If you notice that the liquid has reached the “full” marking line, everything’s good. If it doesn’t, remove the radiator cap and add the coolant or a 50/50 mix of coolant/water. Be sure to read the bottle to see if it’s premixed. It’s also recommended to inspect the hoses connected to the radiator to make sure there are no leaks or damages.

As a side note, If you’re adding additional liquid to the cooling system, be sure the engine has cooled. Do not attempt to open the radiator cap while the engine is hot. 

When Should I See a Service Technician?

Remember, the coolant is thicker than water, but it’s thinner than oil. If you see a sludgy appearance to the liquid, schedule service right away, because there is a good chance that your car has an internal gasket leak. You can still drive your car, but a leaking gasket drains the coolant quickly, and your engine is at risk of overheating and getting severely damaged. 

When is it Time to Change Coolant

Coolant levels will deplete over time, which is why it’s best to inspect the cooling system every three to six months. Typically the color is blue, green, yellow, or red. So, if the color is brownish or even colorless, it’s recommended to flush the system and replace the fluid.

Get More Service Tips from Land Rover Englewood! 

We’ve answered the questions “what is coolant?” and “how to check the coolant level”, but if you have any additional questions, we have you covered at Land Rover Englewood! Our Jersey City-area service center is standing by to assist in any way that we can. Be sure to explore our service and parts specials for additional savings. Contact our service center for more information or to schedule a service appointment.

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