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When Did the Land Rover Defender Come Out?

Land Rover Defender History

The new Land Rover Defender represents the latest in a long history of innovation and development under the Land Rover banner. This SUV was first built in 1983, but there’s a lot more behind it than that date indicates on its own. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Land Rover Defender history with Land Rover Englewood.

Land Rover Defender History: It All Starts With the Series 1

The first officially titled “Land Rover Defender” was built in 1983. And when did the Land Rover Defender come out in the US? It was introduced into the US market much later, in 1993. However, as some Fort Lee fans know, the Defender’s design is based upon the Land Rover Series 1, Series II, and Series III. These military-inspired SUVs were a hallmark of this company’s design for a long time:

  • 1948: Inspired by the military, the Land Rover Series 1 comes onto the market. This wasn’t the first Land Rover Defender, but it inspires the design.
  • 1958: The Series II is released. 
  • 1971: The Land Rover Series III combines luxury with off-road performance when it enters the market.
  • 1983-1990: Two more iconic vehicles, the Land Rover 110 and Land Rover 90, become available on the UK market–but not yet in the states.
  • 1990: The first Land Rover Defender receives the nameplate! The 110 and 90 are renamed as the Defender 110 and the Defender 90, respectively.
  • 1993: A big day in Land Rover Defender history: the first Land Rover Defender comes out in the US.
  • 1997: The Defender exits the American market.
  • 2016: The Defender returns to America!

The First Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender history is thus the history of many different Land Rover vehicles: the story of how the company refined their models. The main comparison you might make for the first Land Rover Defender is the Series III, with which it shared engine specs and aluminum paneling. But the first Land Rover Defender had a longer bonnet and newly-designed grille. Here’s what else set it apart from its peers:

  • Permanent four-wheel drive
  • A locking center differential
  • A two-speed transfer gearbox
  • Coil spring suspension
  • Luxurious interior features

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The New Land Rover Defender

The New Land Rover Defender on the New York City market pushes the envelope even further than its predecessors, offering an incredible combination of interior luxury and performance power. It’s capable of towing thousands of pounds and it has solid MPG figures. Of course, it also offers some of the most impressive off-road capability you’ll find on any SUV today.

In fact, the new Land Rover Defender is so incredible, Motortrend named it their 2021 SUV of the Year.

Test Drive a Land Rover Defender Today

As you can see, the question “When did the Land Rover Defender come out?” leads to a story that you could research all day! At Land Rover Englewood, we’re proud to have a vehicle with as storied of a history as the Land Rover Defender. Englewood drivers can find lease deals and opportunities for financing with us! Get in touch now to set up a test drive on this acclaimed SUV.

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